Programme (continued)

Topics Session

Meeting Roles

What do you do if you find yourself confined for a couple of minutes in a high-rise lift with your boss, who poses a difficult question to you?

New members are encouraged to take on tasks to help the evening run which may range from being a timekeeper, to evaluator or chairman.

The skills for these roles are gained both from seeing how others do it but are also explained more fully in the Speakers Manual. This knowledge is extremely valuable both for a work environment and also socially for clubs and committee meetings.

This is where experience at topics sessions can really help you to deliver a well structured response with a reasoned conclusion. We learn to speak for two minutes on any subject that the Chairman chooses - without any prior warning.
It's amazing how eventually you find you will begin to both talk and think ahead (for both material and direction) to deliver a complete mini speech on the fly!

The Difference

This is a session presented by a more experienced speaker which aims at enhancing our speaking skills.
Subjects visited have been the use of quotaions, poetry, visual aids, speech writing and use of notes.

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