SoF Speech Contest results for the 2015/16 season

Further Competetion News

Club Contests - Felixstowe

The Topics contest was held this season on the 10th December 2015.

The procedings for for all the contests were conducted superbly, as always by Chairman, Mike Saucede.


Our judges were Tony Gould and Andrew Gee, for which we extend great thanks for their invaluable services.


Topics Contest

The title for Topics contest was 'Charity'. It is the choice of a simple word that can be so effective as a Topics subject.

Keith, Stephen and Trevor entered the topics contest.

Everybody had a quite different take on what "Charity" meant to them.

The winner was Keith Dickerson so very well done Keith. Runner-up was Stephen



Speech and Evaluation Contests

Speakers of Felixstowe held its speech and evaluation contests on 14th January 2016. Trevor White and Keith Dickerson competed for the Evaluation contest. Steve Crocker provided the target speech "A matter of perspective". Keith was declared the winner.

Stephen, Keith and Trevor entered the Speech Contest. Our President, Stephen received first place and Trevor was Runner-up.


Our judges for these contests were Tony Gould and Andrew Gee. Our sincere thanks for all their hard work.

Tony awards the cups to Stephen (L) and Keith (R).

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