SoF Outside Assignments help the community in Felixstowe

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Put our skills to good use

We were recently asked in October if we could provide a talk for the Felixstowe Hard of Hearing Club. Many in their club are learning to lip read - a visual skill. What visible communication do we use? - gestures, body language and eye contact. Trevor and Keith volunteered for this assignment and decided to use a speech with plenty of gestures and a short workshop on gestures followed by an interactive session to practise.





It all went remakably well and all the Hard of Hearing club rose to the occasion, joined in with the interactive session and everyone managed to get up to the lecturn and deliver a short topic using as many gestures as possible.

To thank us they very kindly gave a donation to our club funds, which was gratefully accepted.



New President

Speakers of Felixstowe has a new President this year. His name is Dave Faulkner and is a seasoned speaker. He has been delighting multi-national audiences for many years with his entertaining after dinner speeches.

It is hoped that we will see many new and innovative ideas, the first being our opening season guest speaker Grant Abbitt talking on how to achieve one million clicks on You Tube.



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