Career Development

Adrian spent his early career working in shipping logistics at Felixstowe. When the squeeze was on he found himself in that uncomfortable position of prospecting for a new job. He applied for a role that was quite different from his previous one but was sure he could bring some useful experience to the task.

Without hesitation he could see that his success was due to the time preparing and delivering speeches and combating the instant topic. This has moulded his personality and given him the confidence to make a good impression.

Job Interview Technique -


We have at times offered free places to anyone who wished to improve their job interview skills at our presentation events hosted at the Orwell Hotel in Felixstowe



Where will your next job be?

In this changing world we can no longer rely on job security but it's no use waiting till that fateful day when you find yourself out on the pavement.

It takes time to prepare yourself so that you can present your skills and ability in the best possible light at an interview. Don't wait till you’re down-in-the-mouth and feeling sorry for yourself - you must act now and join a speakers club.

He would recommend the Speakers of Felixstowe to anyone who wants to improve their confidence and communication skills.


We have had numerous foreign students over the years from as far afield as Nepal and Korea who have gone on to take up lecturing roles at universities in London.

Can students benefit from a Speakers Club?

It's not just middle management who can benefit from a speakers club. We have had students taking A levels come along and one such young man was successful in gaining a bursary from the Royal Engineers. This allowed him to travel around the world and take part in skiing and ballooning activities. With such strong competition he firmly believes his success was due to his time practising topics and presenting speeches.

Susan discovered our speakers club in the unlikely setting of a dance floor. Her self confidence had been shattered after the untimely death of her husband and she needed to rebuild her self confidence. She was surprised to find that she had a flair for the 2 minute impromptu speech. Perhaps the dancing gave her the edge when thinking on her feet! Her self confidence has gone from strength to strength and she subsequently embarked on a new career.

What should you do?

You can find plenty of books and material with good advice on how to improve both your confidence and communication skills and you may even be able to attend an expensive course. But if you want to learn to swim you need water - if you want to improve your speaking skills you need a speakers club to practise.
You will find us a sympathetic ear while offering support and suggestions for continuous improvement.

Who are we?

Our membership ranges from young people setting out on their careers to those who have a lifetime's knowledge and experience behind them. We believe strongly in re-cycling those soft skills that are normally only acquired by the passage of time. In this fast -moving modern society what is the resource we are most short of? Yes, time. So why re-invent the wheel when we can offer you a short cut to a lifetime's experience?


Come along to our regular monthly meetings on Thursdays at 19:30 (for 19:45). See Meetings for dates.

The first visitors meeting is free of charge to help you decide whether you'd benefit from joining us on a regular basis to build up your speaking skills.


at the Marlborough Hotel, Sea Road, Felixstowe.


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